We are delighted you are considering following the Lord in Believer’s Baptism!

You will be attending an orientation class where we present what the Bible says about baptism. Bring any questions you may have. We will walk  through the baptism process and get you connected to a Service Pastor who will be there to help you take this next step in your journey.

Baptism is a step that hundreds of thousands have made in their profession and consecration with Christ through the centuries.  It is a decision that comes from a repentant heart and a ready spirit to be reconciled and renewed in the Lord.

We here at The Promise Center rejoice at every decision that is made to meet Christ in the waters of Baptism.  This is where true community with God begins.

Baptism is a monumental occasion for every believer. This is why we celebrate baptisms every Sunday! It is a time where we here at The Promise Center stop and celebrate everyone that is making their decision to take their relationships with the Lord to the next level.  We invite everyone to bring their families and friends to witness this special occasion.

Before your baptism, we ask that you attend a baptism orientation class that explains the meaningfulness of your baptism. We desire to answer your questions to enhance the meaningfulness of you baptism experience.

If you’re ready to get baptized or just want more information about baptisms, please click on the link below. It will take you to a sign up form and once submitted, our baptism team will contact you.

Questions? Email or Baptism team.