Things you should know.

The Promise Center is excited in your interest to join us for one of our Sunday morning worship services.  We are located at 1211 N. Dutton in Santa Rosa California. Every Sunday at 9:15am and 11:15am, people from all spiritual backgrounds and ethnicities join together to celebrate the resurrected Christ in song and worship.  We enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere along with prolific teaching and preaching from our Lead Pastor and staff.  All morning we serve free coffee and encourage our visitors to hang out in our new Cafe.  Please make sure to stop by our ‘Guest Booth’ after service bring your Connect Card to receive a gift for visiting us.

If you have children, crawlers to 3 years old, please feel free to check them into our Nursery.  Your children will receive personal care and enjoy fun games and videos. For children ages 4-9 we have “Kids Zone” with dynamic Sunday School staff, amazing security check-in and video cameras in each room. Children 10 and over are invited to stay with you for our main service.

The Promise Center ministry staff and church family are so excited to meet you and show you first class hospitality.  We are driven by a passion for people fueled by our transformational experience through the gospel of Jesus Christ!  The goodness of what God has done through Christ is the motivation for all we do.


Have all of our Sunday School teachers received background checks?

YES, no one can serve in youth or children’s ministry without a background check. 


Are the 2 Sunday services different from each other?

NO, the same songs and sermon are delivered in each service time. Whichever service you decide to attend you will get the highest quality and passion from our ministry team.

How should I dress?

Come as you are, FYI….the average person is dressed casual.

How long is service?

About 1 to 1 1/4 hours from start to finish.

What if I don’t have a Bible to bring?

We put all of the words to the songs and scriptures on two large projector screens that are easy to read and easy to follow along.  If you would like a Bible just go to our ‘Guest Center’ table and we would love to send you home with a Bible.