David Yanez

David has been in ministry for the past 12 years and has been a part of The Promise Center since 2010. He’s been married to Emily for nine years and together they have two daughters, Isabelle and Ruby. David is a student and teacher of Theology and Apologetics and loves working

Mike & Charity Ruiz

Mike & Charity have over 12 years of student ministry experience. They joined The Promise Center team in 2010 just 6 months after getting married. Since then they have had two beautiful daughters Ellie Grace and Macy Mikael. Mike & Charity believe that a student’s spiritual success is not only

Mario Mouser

Mario joined our team in October of 2014. He has been leading worship for almost 10 years as both a youth worship leader, and a musical director for different churches.   After attending college for music ministry in Indiana, he felt God pulling him to work for a church in

Jeremy Sharp

Jeremy has been serving in ministry for the last 8 years. He has spent most of those years involved in the lives of students. Currently he is finishing up his bachelors in Biblical and Theological studies while doing his best to help build the local church. Two things that he

Katelyn McLeod

Katelyn loves serving the local church and supporting its growth. She works in the office and leads the Care Team in being the hands of Christ to those in need in our community. James is her favorite book in the Bible and the beautiful coast of Northern California is her